my fucked up DSL connection and the Provider’s pathetic customer service

i want to kill all the stupid people.

including the ones who are required by service companies to stop using their brains and instead keep on saying a standard reply on all queries, no matter what the customer’s issue or moods are.

my DSL connection has gone amuk since yesterday, to the misfortune of the customer service agent who picked up my call today. perhaps it was the fault of the cab driver who took too much pot not to realize that a right arrow sign before the C5-Kalayaan crossing means its the way to kalayaan that made me already at the tip of my boiling point. but to arrive home and find out the DSL is not working again, on top of what just happened to me, flipped me right over to the other side.

i have never been angry, not even slight, for two months now. yesterday, i hurled the modem across the room (but i did not broke it because by early evening, i saw jesse connect to the net- which means it was already okay) in frustration. i cannot remember when was the last time i throw thing when i got angry; that was so long time ago.

and then there’s the customer service representative talking like a robot, repeating the same reply over and over again for different questions.

seriously, i am easy to deal with. but i cannot stand stupid people. especially if they try to smudge that stupidity on you.

so, when can i expect them to call back? i asked.

they will call you as soon as possible, ma’am.

you guys say that all the time. nobody every calls back. the connection just repairs itself in most cases but without calls from you. why don’t you just say that instead?

either he didn’t hear me or was ignoring me, he continued. i am already doing a follow up log report of your error and will be sending it to the IT people so they can get back at you once they diagnosed the problem.


as soon as they can diagnosed the problem.

what? 2 hours? 24 hours? 1 week? a month? a year?

i cannot tell you at this point, ma’am. the IT folks would be the right people to answer your problem.

so, what can you do?

i am preparing a follow up report on this since your problem is that your data tracker is not blinking.

obviously. if it was working, i wouldn’t be calling, would i?

yes, ma’am.

so, what is wrong with it?

at this point, of course, if i had more sense i would have had hang up. its one thing to end up in conversations like that; it is another to consciously want to elongate it. but i was angry and i was tired and they always have a lousy customer service and this is one of those days that i just need to bitch on someone otherwise i will blaze myself to death in anger. but bitching around these people, reasonable or not, is a waste of time. another minute of different question answered the same way, i realized i was suddenly getting pissed at myself i hung up.

i want to kill all the stupid people so i would have far less folks i have to deal with in my lifetime.


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