in search of that perfect two-piece bikini (part 1)

oh i don’t know. i have more pair of bikinis than shoes.

i think it is also necessary to mention that i do not have that many pair of shoes. in fact, after jesse decided to throw three old pairs without my knowing (she reasoned afterwards that i never wore them anyway), i only have two remaining ones i can choose from. i do have a three- or four- (even) year old adidas tennis shoes that i haven’t worn for more than 6 times since i bought it.

on the other hand, i have seven pairs of two-piece bikinis, not to mention two one-piece swimsuits that i stopped wearing after david laughed his ass off upon seeing it.

but, i need two more pairs. if you have seen my body proportion, it is very difficult to find the perfect size bikinis for me. its like picking the bikini on the adult section and the top on the children’s section. and there’s the colour, too. and the prints. and the cut. i could get a boob job to address this problem; but that cost more than all the bikinis i can ever want. besides, mine already hurts when i sleep face down or run faster; now, imagine me with a C-cup.

heavens, no. let the men drool somewhere else.

and so, my hunt for the perfect two-piece bikini starts this weekend. if i am lucky, i can find one after seven boutiques (oh,dear god, please make that possible).

and oh, yes, you will surely hear about it when i do.


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