in search of that perfect two-piece bikini (part 2) and more

and so, three hours and a half and fifteen boutiques later (not to mention having really tired feet and a little irritated why i was wearing a tighter-than-usual jeans which made it really difficult to take it off and put it back on every time i tried a pair- if only i can go shop around in my bikini. sighs.), i found the bikini.

you know how it felt? it was love at first sight. i knew it was what i was looking for and having seen it finally, i knew the search is over. i grabbed other pairs and put them on. the bad thing about string bikinis is that one ought to wear a g-string or a stringed undies when shopping for one. it does look really bad putting on the bikini over one’s undies with the latter sticking out and destroying the view. but the bikini stood out. the colour is ocean-blue and it is plain. no prints. nothing. it has a string top, as well as the bottom. the cut is perfect for me. it was so simple it is quite overwhelming that i have to go through fifteen stores to find it.

i bought another pair, a printed one because it looked good on me, too. there is no such thing as enough pairs of two-piece bikinis. in fact, i wanted a third one (can you imagine buying three pairs of two-piece bikinis all in one store, all at one time?!) but the store does not accept debit cards and would only prefer cash and i didn’t have enough cash to pay for the third pair.

“so, found the perfect bikini, i hope?” zsolt asked when i got home and found him wasting his weekend away facing his laptop.

i grinned. “yes.” i answered him. “in fact, i bought two. the other pair looks nice too.”

“can i see it?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes. between zsolt and i, the simple words work with us. no reading between the lines. no hints. no metaphors. no indirect way of asking for things. “i’ve been really bad today. in a “bad, bad” way…” you wouldn’t know what that means but i do. it is so far from the “good, bad” way, of which you also have no idea of. between zsolt and i, things one do is either good or bad and them being that can either be in a bad or good way.

uh oh.

“i held a D80 (Nikon) and now i want one.” he told me and groaned. while i was busy searching for that perfect two-piece bikini, zsolt was getting more and more confused between a Nikon D80 and a Canon 400D. he has spent considerable amount of time searching and researching for thoughts that can help him decide which model to buy. unfortunately, while i found my perfect two-piece bikini, he was more confused than he was with his options. not that he needed another expensive hobby, what with all the skiing and the diving and the racing. but that’s just zsolt. and i do like him heaps.

we talked about cameras for a while which was very funny as my understanding of photography is so kindergarten and i can swear now i wouldn’t be at the top of that class. although photography does amaze me, i look at pictures with the eyes of a child. i would love a picture for its imperfection, an imperfection that i would never notice. whereas zsolt wants to take it to a higher level, what with the rest of the PPD so into photography.

“strobes first and foremost. i shall worry about the dslr later.” he said after a while. “and so, about the bikini….?”

i showed zsolt the two-piece bikini and i have to reiterate, it is the perfect two-piece bikini.

we forgot about everything else.


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