letter #11: remorse


details deleted.

author’s note: the maddening truth about love is madness in itself. no one has ever loved normally. and no love was ever painless. for the lack of pain signifies numbness; a state where love cannot possibly reside. numbness kill whatever reason there is to feel, driving the person to indifference. it is not therefore true that hate is the opposite of love. hate is a mirror version of love; it has the same intensity, passion, and drive, only that it focuses on the different direction. indifference on the other hand, is the absence of such things. the seed of hatred for him is slowly growing. but it did not lessen any intensity of her passions of him. it was unknown to her that hatred will not free her from his bounds. it was indifference she needs; but indifference cannot touch her. the passions of him were too great that it is only capable of only two emotions: hatred and love, both of which will never unbound them apart.


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