to hire a driver or to be the driver….

i spent about Php200 a day for taking a cab to and fro my office. that is about Php4200 a month, Php50,400 a year. on top of that, i would spent about additional Php1000 a month for five roundtrips for grocery shopping, movie watching, and impulsing trip to nearby coffee shop for a decent brewed coffee or a latte.

commuting to work is already out of the question; when i decided that i want to fix my finances straight, i was not imposing myself to let go of my life’s little comfort so i can retain few more extra Phps in my back account. i still believe that a key to a happy and satisfying life was knowing where you draw the line between comfortable spending habits and unreasonable cost cutting. commuting to work is a tricky exercise for me and having to do it every single workday will surely affect my productivity at the office and my mood upon arriving home.

a total of Php5200 a month costs in transportation alone makes me already consider hauling back my ford lynx ghia from the province into metro manila.

in fact, i already decided i would do that.

after punching in some figures, i forecasted that having my car back here at my disposal will prove to be beneficial for me in the long run. for one, it will only take me Php2k max for the gas and Php1k parking (yes, it is that cheap where my office is located). that’s 42% savings!

i am aware about the cost of maintaining a car. but whether my car is in the province or here, i would still be paying for it anyway. i learned my lesson the hard way when i have to take a flight to the province, have to pay Ford Bacolod to come over to San Carlos to check my car, and found out that mother has not maintained it at all!

the only downside about having a car in metro manila is that it is risky not to have an insurance to cover for it. i have not thought about this yet but i will soon. i was more concerned of me having the patience of driving the car through metro manila traffic.

“are you planning to get a driver again?” jesse asked two nights ago (ironically, i must say) while i was drowning in self-pity why there was no food in the house and why my wallet has no cash (not even coins!) when i was hungry. i was thinking double bacon cheesburger and fries, and ice-cold Coke… and well, maybe another round of thin crust super supreme pizza.

“no. i don’t think so. i’m trying to save money.” i answered her, not really thinking about her question that much. “why?”

“because i did a rough calculation and my transporatation to and fro work taking a cab for a month is really a lot.”

i sat up straight. “you’re taking a cab to and fro your work????”

“there was no other way. taking the long way would still be a lot.”

“you mean the rest of your officemates take cabs to work?” i asked her. she, by the way, started working now (yehey for me! more yeheys for her!)

“hey, we live in makati. my office is in a not-commuter friendly part in ortigas.”

i rolled my eyes. when i started working, i was taking the jeepney to and fro work, in my skirt and 3-inch high heeled shoes. ahhhh, i would want to tell her that but she knows. and besides, i did vow when i finish sending her off to college, i am not going to meddle with her decisions anymore. its not for her; it is for me.

“so, if you plan to get a driver, id like to chip in for his salary so he can drop and pick me up at work?” she asked, begged was more like it.

“i don’t have time to think about that now.” i answered her.

ironically, there we were talking about getting a driver when what i badly need right then was double bacon cheeseburger and fries and ice-cold Coca-cola. of which i was never gonna get because i did not have any money in my wallet, which means i have exhausted the rest of my allowance for the week.

what kind of life am i living?


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