unprotected sex: u like it, i know… but what if u screwed up?

contraception is so fucking cheap, why are there so many unplanned pregnancies?

this thought was bugging me this morning i just have to write about it. this came about after a few visits to my doctor. because of the severity and persistence of dysmenorrhea for the last few months (coupled with crazy tantrums), i finally dragged myself to see two ob-gynecologists in the last three weeks. i always wanted a second opinion when it comes to medical findings; i am not only a hypochondriac, i am also paranoid. there was a question of whether my dysmenorrhea is primary or secondary, the latter a more serious threat to infertility (hell, god no! just because i do not want a kid now doesn’t mean i don’t want toddlers running around the garden way down the road…). and so, both specialists recommended a series of tests i have to undergo, something that made me go all “sissied up” and speed-dialed Mother.

i just have strong issues of inanimate object stuck up in there, if you know what i mean.

mother couldn’t help but laugh. zsolt laughed harder when he heard about it. i didn’t find it really funny but that is just me.

anyway, it turned out it is the first type and that i am okay. nothing that a balanced diet and a pill cannot address. and this is why i sprung up the question i did at the start of this entry. pills are so fucking cheap; condoms even cheaper… why are there so many unplanned pregnancy?

i asked foo this. his theory is that humans have animalistic tendencies thus exist an unrestrained and unreasoned response to the sexual drives. i would imagine a male dog wouldn’t care if the female is fertile or not if the urge comes; it’ll do its deed irregardless. but…but… there are 7’11s and ministops everywhere and there are always open boxes of condoms at the counter….!

is it religion? i asked. but then, for the bigger bulk of us, our religion says premarital sex is a sin. if using these methods of birth control is not accepted and yet you use them to engage in premarital sex, that’s double negation. cancel out two negative signs, and mathematics would say you are now off the hook.

the large factor is the mindset of the filipino men, foo continue as he builds up his argument. i totally agree with him. he continued that the embarrassment of picking up packets of condoms at the counter with girls lining up behind you (not to mention the really cute cashier herself) is too much for the filipino men to handle. this leads to another issue about the nature of sex, after it being undeniably a household term already, is still considered taboo in this country at this day and age.

i’ve witnessed a number of people having unplanned pregnancies, a good number of them jumping into the married life because of it, and a sad number of these people ending up financially and sometimes emotionally (which is far worse) inconvenienced.

3packets of condoms cost only Php20 (i initially thought it was just Php10, foo gave me the right pricing; i wouldn’t have an idea, i never had to buy one!); a pill about Php12…. weigh that against the hospital bills during labour and delivery… and baby milk formulas and diapers and vaccines and educational plan….

i guess when you are 15 or 18, you couldn’t see pass the anticipated pleasure.

but i would expect better of you if you are in your 20’s already. for your sake and your pockets, it does pay to be practical.


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