get ur ass offline for a change.

a single friend of mine (aka a confused drama queen but a really terrific girl if she could just refrain from whining every so often) complains she cannot seem to find a boyfriend for the longest time.

“what have you done? do you go out?”

i know her activities; there isn’t really a lot of deviations on how she spends her day. but just in case the irony of it all is lost on her, i have to ask her that.

“i don’t like going out. it is expensive and you know i don’t really drink.”

“but, do you hang out with your (other) friends who have other friends?” i asked her. if she hangs out with me, she ain’t gonna get any. i am not actively gaining new friends and the old single friends i have…. well, i did try. they just couldn’t click together.

“well, i don’t really have the time. with work and all.”

“you spent all your freakin time online.” i told her. it is true; her idea of entertainment is going online and chatting. i have nothing against that; on this day and age, the possibilities the internet provides is endless and boundless. what i am strongly against is her never ending whines about not finding the “right guy”.

if you do not go out and meet people, you cannot expect the “perfect date” to be able to find your address out of nowhere and knock on your door. and if you spend all your free time chatting online with strangers thousand miles away from you, the closest you can ever get to a date is an e-card and silly, cheesy online emoticons and sillier and cheesier what-i-could-do-to-u-if-i’m-only-there-right-now ideas.


i have nothing against the internet. it is just that finding the average nice guy you can totally click with online is like finding a needle in a haystack. and men do say silly things online just because it is easier. now, just because he said something like wanting to visit your country and would you perhaps accompany him on his holiday doesn’t mean he would.

get real.

i told her she ought to go out more and stop thinking so hard about finding a boyfriend. she works in a company that employs about a thousand people, 80% of which are in the same age bracket as she is. the great dates always come unexpected, just when you are not really looking for it. she could get a hobby for one. hobby and organizational clubs are great way to meet people, may it be for romantic reasons or plain socialization.

and more importantly to stop stressing on what she wants from a partner. one thing i’ve noticed is that too many single people spend so much time talking and debating about what is there to look for a partner or why they are still single or what they think are the reasons relationships are not working well.

i do not know if that is some kind of a therapy for them. i cannot seem to remember what i was doing when i was single except that it wasn’t such a terrible state. i actually had fun when i was single.

she said she sees my point and nodded absentmindedly. i knew her well enough to deduce that she doesn’t really care about my thoughts. like me, she’s pretty stubborn. i do not really mind that she doesn’t. i just wish for her sake she could see the practical side of it.

but hey, whatever rocks one’s boat.


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