the secret

kuya jon

kuya jon, who came back from his family holiday in boracay, took this shot. according to him, this was written by an asian tourist he was in the same flight with to the island.

he asked us what do we think of it. he expressed (like the rest of us did after seeing the pics) that something was obviously not right.

something was obviously not right. it isn’t rocket science, or college algebra even, to realize that. but what i am not very clear of (perhaps, i would have felt otherwise if i was there) is whether or not this was a sign of SOS or a final act of letting go.

perhaps writing it on something that doesn’t hold water or words was a way for him to free himself from all the expectations that made him unhappy. perhaps, putting his heart on his sleeves in a foreign land is the closest thing he can be to being totally honest with himself. perhaps, it was the realization that the world shall live on indifferent to his melancholies.

perhaps he is a psychology student testing the tourists’ and locals’ (alike) reactions on suicidal actions like that. would they be indifferent? would they reach out? would they ask question? will they get scared off?

but i am in no right position to question his actions or justify them. as much as i do not believe “depression” is a clinical thing, i do realize that for whatever that really is, it kills people. and a life lost, regardless of how it was wasted, is a life gone away.


jason will be content.

ahhh, but which comes first really? contentment? happiness?

the chicken or the egg?


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