another shot of yoga (no sexual thoughts but saw buttnaked men)

and so, i took up van’s invitation to join her in a three 90-minute yoga session in one week at a yoga studio in Makati. if you have been following this blog long enough, you would remember how silly my first experience was with yoga. i was really hoping i would not be thinking about sex this time. anyway, bluntly put, i would have a great deal of those in the near future so perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to take yoga for what it is.

zsolt warned met to wear short shorts and light clothing, considering that i shall find the room temperature too hot for normal days. i never did yoga in a heated room before, thus, i had no idea i shall be sweating like a laundry would be dripping wet.

i did sweat like a laundry would be dripping wet.

i did not only feel it tickling down, i can also see it pouring out of my pores it was crazy. but i loved it. it was yoga as i have imagined it. i am obviously not the most flexible person around (god, i am as brittle as a cookie) but i can imagine yoga can actually turn me into one. (ed. i ought to stop right here before i go all freudian again).

the funny thing about the first class though was that i went into the wrong locker room to change and found buttnaked men inside. you know how it is? that certain flick of a second when you knew you made a mistake but it was too late to withdraw or move back? i saw a back of a fully clothed guy just before entering the room. if i was quicker, i would have known something was obviously not right. but van, who went in the same locker room (empty then) and deposited her clothes there, motioned me to it.

so, perhaps, thought i, they have a common locker room for both sexes. how strange. i would have expected a better service.

and off i went. and that was when i saw men buttnaked and were as surprised as i was to find me there, yoga mat under my arm and holding a locker key.

you know how it is. it could probably be just a couple of seconds before i slowly walked out the locker room. but it does feel like eternity.

“well, at least…” i told van as we went inside the girl’s locker room “you know now why you cannot close locker 11.”

when i arrived at the studio, i found her complaining to the front desk she cannot close her locker. the key just didn’t let her. “i am always bad with keys.” she said.

we giggled.


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