and i thought we were so smart…

as mentioned in Inquirer, a Unesco report ranked the Philippines 74th in terms of the Education Development Index, below Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.


i know a lot of smart locally-educated people. and yes, i know a number of them being smarter than me. but finding out that it took effort to figure out what the value of “n” in:

2^(1/n)= 83

is these days (when you were laughing your ass off solving problems at math olympiads when you were young) was quite a shock for me.

what happened while i was growing up?

the PI being known to have a high literacy rate didn’t seem to say much for the quality of such literacy among graduates. it still shock me at times to find full-fledged professionals not being able to express themselves coherently at the work place. it is not so much about not being able to speak in straight english (this is after all just our second language); it is more of not being able to explain one’s self in a manner that is professionally-correct and sound, even in one’s dialect.

i was informed by my danish friends that they get paid to stay in school and study in Denmark. not only would a job be waiting for them when they are done with it, they get to earn while they’re in school! Now, paying Php30k for a primary school for one’s kid a year in a country where the average daily wage is ~Php375 and most families are below poverty line is just so heartbreaking.

i was educated in a public school until high school. the teaching wasn’t so bad; i did learn the basics. and considering how i fared in high school until graduate school, i say, the <Php1k/year for a public education was a very good deal. but it doesn’t always happen that way. in these days and times, not only are the PI doctors studying nursing but a number of good, qualified teachers are leaving their profession to take care of old people abroad (or wash some stranger’s household dishes- dear God).

i shall stop right there. this has been brought up too many times in the past already. talking about it over and over again did not seem to address the problem. the **** that is called the government is still missing the point, or refused to recognize it. now, not only are some schools seem unconcerned about the “brain drain” but has in fact advertised that the end point of finishing college education now is the ability and chance levels for the graduate to find work abroad.

i know. i know. why work in a bank for Php454/day when you can scoop ice cream or park cars in Sydney for a whole lot more? dani (the swiss) asked me for referrals a few weeks back to fill an accounting staff position in Kandakhar (or some city named like that- it didn’t sound nice and thus i sort of forget to remember it correctly) for a six-digit monthly salary with free board and lodging. “its a tough assignment…” he said and i agree, imagining nothing in afghanistan is ever safe. but people get stabbed in divisoria over a cellphone snatch. “but the pay means something already in PI terms.” he added.

it is a jungle everywhere.

sometimes, i thought of father and the hole he is in. and in the middle of the ocean, at that. i know it was the thought of us that kept him going. i have given up earlier than he did; if he was any less stubborn than he is now, i would have had him back here where he’s happier.

but that is just father. and between the two of us, he has seen far more horrors than i would ever witness. i am at no liberty to challenge his decisions. when it is the right time for him, he will come home.

oh, i am sure, he will come home.

and oh, by the way, n = 0.156862 . not rocket science, i know, but its not simple arithmetic either.


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