from boracay to greece and then straight to reality hell

i do not know what is wrong with her.

maybe there is nothing wrong with her. perhaps, that is just how some people think: with their adidas’ and louis vuitton’s. or perhaps she was doing a jessica zafra, which in my standards, she failed big-time (zafra’s sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek approach is way above hers- and yes, i particularly am not fond of Zafra but i love her first few twisted editions).

sarcasm is often lost among filipinos; it is just not the way we look at humour. but for those that is fascinated by it, or even mastered it, would agree there is nothing witty or sarcastic about this statement: “Meanwhile, I wanted to slash my wrist at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them.” (note: them being the Overseas Filipino Wokers).

that is just plainly uncalled for.

i am not voicing this opinion because father is an OFW or because i felt that this has suddenly become a personal attack to me. i am just aghast how a lifestyle/travel writer could write such trash. even without the sniping attacks on OFWs, there was no meat in her article besides the outrageous display of “supposedly” glorious travel lifestyle. i can name 50 travel bloggers who can write informative travel articles way better than she did in this case.

i really do not care that much. even without me, a good number of Filipinos already uproared in protest upon reading her article. when i google either her name or the title of the article, i got hit back by sites that mentioned her and are mostly blogs denouncing what she has written. but, it is quite a little disheartening to realize some more that even in our own country and among our own people, discrimination and prejudice (of our being Filipino) are very visible.

oh, how we often forget how hard it is to undo what has been done.

she did apologize. and after numerous death threats and emails (this really cracks me up- is it really worth to murder her? human nature is very amusing at times), she was forced to quit her job.

ahhhh… no matter who won the battle, everybody loses in a war.


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