my hypochondria is not that bad

i was complaining to zsolt that my knee joints hurt and that they hurt enough i am complaining about them now. over the weekend, my allergic rhinitis struck when i inhaled too much dust cleaning my dive bag (which tells you two important things: (1) i rarely dive these days and (2) i rarely clean my room!). you see, i am allergic to three things:

1. dust
2. smoke
3. perfume

my tolerance to nicotine smoke has increased over the years. it isn’t such a puzzle, seeing that i used to have friends that smoke like chimney and as they puffed out smoke, i inhaled them involuntarily. and so, only when i am in an enclosed space with lots of smoke do i get sick afterwards.

dust is another thing. the pollution in metro manila doesn’t get me sick; you get your system deal with it after a while. but cleaning gets me sick: from washing the fan to dusting the dive bag to (uhmnn) sweeping the area under my bed. perhaps, if i clean them more often, dust wouldn’t gather that much at any given time. maybe i should stop expecting jesse to do it for me.

perfume, however, gets me sick at the slightest inhalation of such. i have lost count of the number of times i held my breathe long enough whenever i have to walk past a scented product boutique. i have lost count on the instances i got a cold, and then cough, and then fever because somebody in the elevator finds it quite appealing to bath an entire bottle of perfume on her/his clothes. i broke up with a boyfriend once because his perfume was too strong for me.

while people ask their dates what their religious affiliations are or if they speak with their mouths full or snore when they sleep, i asked people i dated if they wear perfumes.

zsolt asked me to please see a doctor. “i dont want you ill in Cabilao!”

i told him i shall insist on a scan.

few more days now. funny that i should mention this, but i am really looking forward to his arrival.


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