to junk or not to junk a car

that’s what the emergency fund is for. for emergencies.

but i could just bash my car and push it into the ditch and forget i even own one, i would have done that. cut your losses short, the conservatives always say. how convenient it would have been for me. for one, i would still have $1000 right now. for another, that’s a roundtrip ticket to Australia!

argh. argh. argh.

but thinking about it, really. if it was maintained properly for the last three years, i wouldn’t be incurring this much. that was the punishment for my negligence. its like experiencing the effects of the flood because you shaved the mountain clear of trees. was i really that irresponsible years ago?

am i being responsible now?

a few weeks ago, bjorn, a really crazy but awfully smart former colleague of mine, warned me about moderation. he did so after he learned i was about to start yoga. “think AOW a month after your OW, rona.” he said. “three yoga classes in one week would burn you out, i swear.”

am i all burn out managing my finances now? was it nothing more than a fad? did the first dip in the emergency fund tore everything apart?

what is happening???


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