that silly affair with my paypal account


i am not your ebay type of person. i do not like punching my credit card numbers online. and i do not like buying things i just saw in pictures. (i know, you would have expected that of me, with these blog transparencies and all).

until lately, i never had a paypal account. there were few instances i bought stuff online. like a number of agatha christie books at national bookstore because the delivery charge is only Php100 compared to the total cost of going to the nearest mall, get into the crowd, and leaf through stacks and stacks of books to find them. i shopped groceries online for someone once just so he won’t starved, but he did most of the work when it came to punching my card details and the like (oh, don’t lecture me about security and everything- it was that or the possibility of dying in starvation- i know my morals and my “people”, thank you very much).

a few months back i created one because it seems the more secure way to pay for stuff you want to purchase in ebay. not that i am letting zsolt influenced me so much, he being a hard core ebayer and everything (he sells and buys anything in ebay!). but it seems the one-stop store for anything and i seriously think i should mellow down on paranoia of people stealing my financial card details. not that there is so much to steal from me from those cards, anyway.

i did plan on buying something then. but the guys from 1st world countries prefer me wiring them the payment rather than accepting it thru paypal from me. i couldn’t blame them really. i have 0 purchases and 0 feedbacks and 0 bids. but what the heck. i am not paying a bank service charge equivalent to 10% of the product cost (the product i was eyeing didn’t cost that much). besides, i was quite uncomfortable wiring money (hey, $100 there might not cost that much but that’s like a promo seair roundtrip to boracay already) to some stranger down under and only have a hard copy of the deposit slip as my trail.

i know. i know. how would i expect people to trust me if i am already jumping the gun at them?

last night, i thought of a safer way of utilizing paypal for an ebay purchase. the problem, however, is that i cannot remember my password! i shall not take it against paypal for their awesome security measures if u happen to do just that but for the love of the gods, i couldn’t get it why they were not accepting the answers to my security questions. i know for a fact that i got them right because i have it screen-shot when i created the account. but there must be some reasons why they are not letting me reset it.

oh well. i called paypal’s US number and i tell you, i and that automated answering machine, we do not get along. she keeps on saying, “i do not understand what are you saying.” fuck, was it my bloody accent?

in the end, i spoke to two agents. the second one said he will go into the system to fix it.

“thank you.” i said.

“you’re welcome.” he said. and after a couple of minutes, he added, “there you go. all done.”

“okay.” i said and was waiting for him to tell me something. i do not know what i was expecting to hear but i know i was expecting to hear anything. all done what?

“hmmmn… is there another problem?” he asked.

“related to this? oh, none, i hope. you tell me.” i told him.

“it’s been done already.” he said.

“what’s been done? what am i supposed to do next?” i asked. you see, at this point, i was getting a little uncomfortable. i know i am ignorant about so many things, but its an entirely different thing to be publicly advertising it.

“you go to the website and sign up again.”

“that’s how you reset a password?”

“well, yes. i deactivated your account so you can sign up again with the same details.”

ahhhhhh, there you are. “oh cool. so that is how this is done around here.” i muttered. “thank you very much.”

i was quite happy inspite of my flashing ignorance. and so i signed up again. unfortunately, paypal seems to disagree with the agent. it says my email address is already an existing paypal member.

so much for customer service.

oh, what the fuck. i’ll just go and sign up a different one again. i am deactivating the credit card tagged to my original paypal account in a month’s time anyway.

tell me, why is this stuff so difficult for me and so easy for the rest of the 150MM++ other people? oh right, i know why.

one cannot have it all.


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