the parting

after five and a half years of keeping it, i am selling my first car.

so much for the initial plan of hiring a driver and utilizing my ford lynx. like any of my august objectives and targets, that isn’t pushing through either.

i wanted to get rid of it fast so i ran to the agent i bought it from years ago (actually, it was all deo’s work. he was darling enough to help me with this). i have expected a low assessment but i didn’t expect it to be lower than what i have conditioned my mind to accept. jay was fair enough to give me two options (a) that he buy it now at a certain price or, (b) that i consign it to him for a higher price (with a month or two window for selling it).

zsolt did tell me i can sell it to a direct buyer at a higher price; this one, i know. but the nice thing about selling it to an agent is that you do not have to worry about post-sale service. when the sale is done, it is done. i cannot be bothered by it once i sell it. and i could use the cash, really. i have spent so much in the last two months (mostly unaccounted for – yes, you’ve guessed right, i haven’t been doing my cash management for two months. i was so busy falling in love) i screwed up my budget for the rest of the year.

shall i wait for a month or two and see if the car will be sold at a higher price than my agent’s original offer? shall i do away with the estimated 20%-35% difference in pricing and sell it right now? if i have the cash now, i can use it to finally buy the needed units for the internet cafe back home (yes, yes, yes, i spent the money allocated for that, too.)

taking offer (a) and punching some numbers, i came up with this result:

a. keeping the car in the last five and a half years cost me Php3,400/month. this is after deducting the agent’s offer with the original purchase price plus major repair and maintenance expenses. it isn’t so bad if i look at it that way, although i could think of better uses for Php3.4K a month if i had enough personal financial sense when i was 22.

b. not having the car would free me up with its related expenses (maintenance, gas, registration fees, insurance, parking, etc.)

c. i could use the proceeds as capital injection for the business back home (which would delight mother, considering how long she was waiting for it to finally open for business).

so, i guess, this is where it ends. not that it hurts much thinking about it now. i can always buy a new car (uhmmmn, well, in a few years time. if i can’t buy it under a company benefit plan (0% interest scheme), i’d rather wait til i can buy one in cash).

it is practical to part away with it. it has been a month now since i brought it back from the province and i am yet to drive it. the comfort of just hailing a cab and sitting through the traffic is too comforting to give up.

i am quite glad to realize there are still areas in my life i am not too emotional about.


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