hallucinated workaholism

don’t get me wrong. this is nothing like my previous job.

but you know how it is? you haven’t worked that long for ages and suddenly you found yourself with so many deliverables and a COO who cannot afford seeing the data a day and a half late. that was how i ended up awake for 37 straight hours, 25 of which i spent working on the “stuff”, 12 of which i have tried to keep myself awake enough to finish it.

it isn’t that bad. i used to work for 12-14 hours everyday back in my former job. it wasn’t a sign of inefficiency (hey!), there was just too much to do, i was head over heels in love with my work, and nobody was interesting enough to divert me from it.

this whole thing makes me think now; at what point is working too much considered working too much? i’ve asked a friend why he was always spending extra 2 to 4 hours in the office. he confessed that he rarely get any quality work done during the day and that the office frenzy usually mellow down during mid-afternoon which allows him to start working diligently on his goals.

i’ve seen it too many times before; i’ve worked with officemates who were already at the office even before 7am but did not start working until 9 or 10am. i have also seen colleagues wasting the day away chatting or surfing the net and only start working like trained slaves after 5pm.

i was always a result-oriented individual. it isn’t very clear though if i have become one because i am the biggest critic of going to office early or the reason i couldn’t function with a strict day to day working schedule is because i am a result-oriented individual.

but i have no problems staying up for 35 straight hours to get a work done when i have to. (however, i do not expect my boss- or my boss’ boss- to expect me to keep on doing that). a deadline is a deadline. and i am very particular with it.

so, no, i am not working too much now. i just happened to work extra long hours to deliver a commitment.

and no, people who attend office at 7am everyday but don’t start working til 10am, spend a considerable period in the afternoon chatting with other officemates and then spend the rest of it until 7 or 8 in the evening working on their goals are not working too much either. they just suck at time management.

and people who spent two ten-hour working days to finish a deliverable that should have been done in 5 hours is not working too much either. they’re inefficient.

next time you complained you have been spending too much time at the office, take a good look at your office activities. 99% of the time, the answer is there.


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