we claimed immunity

zsolt and i, we love beautiful people.

we like staring at them together. i do notice, however, that i stare longer at beautiful girls than zsolt looks at handsome men. zsolt, being the most secure man i met, was surely doing it for the benefit of the subject in question. i guess for guys, being stared at by another guy is something alarming. not that zsolt is worried about being punched on the face. he is (was) a blackbelter in ninjitsu, anyway (i just have to mention that; you have no idea how long i was yearning to broadcast that to the world. so the next time you think you can mess with either of us, i am going to drag zsolt’s ass to where you are so he can beat the living daylights out of you).

as i was saying, we love looking at beautiful people. and thus, to ask me if i am worried about him oogling at some drop-dead bombshell in two-piece bikini when we are together is a little silly. really, i would oogle at such beauty myself.

in fact, i do not mind it when women flirt with him, or any of my exboyfriend for that matter (maybe except pao, because pao would hump a post if you put a hole in it and cover it with a skirt and because i was psychotic and insecure and emotionally troubled then). there is something very charming about a guy who tries to combat flirtation with friendliness. that, and it is self-gratifying (who would argue this?).

i have long ago understood that you cannot claim immunity if you haven’t subjected yourself to temptation and found out you can actually resist it. many battles were won not because one is prepared but because of the ignorance of the other party to the right defense tactics.

“isn’t that synonymous to begging the devil to screw you?” a confidante asked.

zsolt and i, we agreed that when the time comes we would actually succumb to the external flirting and advances then it is the time. there is nothing worse than staying in a relationship with someone else’s image inside your mind. and we do not just mean physical stimulation. people who are mentally stimulating are always the hardest ones to avoid; and that is because they play with your head and (in behalf of them) your head screw your senses in result.

are we begging the devil to screw us?

we are not a pair of goody two-shoes couple. we knew the game very well.


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