my father and to the fathers amongst us

father is arriving in a few hours. he was supposed to be due for his holiday 20 days ago but was delayed because of reliever shortages.

i do not know how he does it but he probably caused havoc at the company’s administrative office (where do you think i got the latin temper?) just so they can send him off to his one-month holiday. he always does that; for father, it is unforgivable that the management delay his scheduled holiday.

for us, we really did not mind so much. it’s been so long since he spent christmas with us and we are still looking forward for that to happen again. and him being home twice a year (one month holiday for every five months work), his holiday months don’t really change at all. march and september. march and september.

i adore father in so many ways. in most cases, a very unfortunate thing for me as i always seem to measure every guy i am dating to all the wonderful things father is. and in most cases, they always fail big time.

i adore father in so many ways. but we couldn’t really stand each other. we are too alike in all the negative things: too temperamental, too proud, too stubborn, too emotional. we do not like being questioned about our decisions. we rarely listen to other people because we always believe we know best. and it is almost impossible to go through the argument process with each other because we are always defensive. picking up a fight with father is like standing in front of the mirror.

i always see myself.

as i am his greatest fan, he is mine. when i passed the CPA board exam, he made a wooden plate with my name and nailed it on our frontyard himself. when i earned my Master’s Degree in Finance, he took down that sign and put up another one. his fellow seamen knew me by name, aware where i am working, who i am dating, and whether or not i got the promotion or not. it is kind of funny, really, to be meeting a stranger that my father knows and hear him recount the stories he heard about me.

a few days back, zsolt and i were talking about how wonderful both our dads are. i know a number of outstanding mothers but no one has come as close (yet) to father than zsolt’s dad. you just do not get to see fathers like them these days, someone who would go beyond being the breadwinner. and i often wonder whenever i see new dads with their eyes glinting with pride as they hold their newborn baby in their arms… up until when will that last before they start acting like traditional fathers to their grown ups? would their kid ever realize how happy their fathers felt when they hold them in their arms? when they uttered their first “tatay” or “papa” or “daddy”? when they took their first step?

i cannot remember father doing all these things… but i do not need to. because i have recent memories of him doing so much more.

how do you want your kid to remember you?


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