unexpected liquidity: what will i do with it?

i finally did it. i sold the car.

because i haven’t really drove it for years (i shipped it to the province when i got my company car) and because i have been taking cabs to and fro work for six months now, i didn’t really feel any change in my day to day standard of living. except that i am now more liquid in exchange for getting rid of the car that has been giving me headaches since this year.

oh! the impact of unexpected liquidity! once again, multiple options crossed my mind. southeast asia tour? a month holiday in Sydney? a dslr, couple of really good lenses, and a photography course to get me started? palau and tubbataha liveaboard? what do i want to do with the cash!!!!

i thought about those nice, beautiful thoughts for five full minutes. and then, i snapped out of it. and thought about the following facts instead:

fact#1: that i have been splurging on holidays beyond what i budgeted for the year, even before my KL trip in November
fact#2: that i have still an empty internet cafe back home for months
fact#3: that i have an upcoming $$$ pension plan payment
fact#4: that i need to refresh my emergency fund for the cash i pulled out of it for “emergency purposes”

the proceeds of the car is so not enough to answer for all the facts above and so i have to make priorities. i know for a fact that:

if#1: i manage my monthly disposable allowance well in the next month and a half, i would have a buffer enough to fund my KL trip in November end
if#2: i continue to do an excellent job in the last six months of this year i am guaranteed a bonus which will be more than enough to fund the pension plan payment, the christmas holiday expenses, and an additional chunk to my savings. if not, oh well, there’s always my 13th month pay.
if#3: i will stick to my budget for october, i should have enough cash to replenish and restate my emergency fund to its original threshold

it is actually a no-brainer where i should use the car proceeds: fund the last batch of purchases so i can finally open the internet cafe business.


i really wanted that Sydney holiday. maybe a side trip to Vanuatu for the Christmas holidays. and breakfast with zsolt every morning. and afternoon ride in his bike. and sunset walks along coogee beach. and i should stop right here before i get carried away and switch into my occasional devil-may-care attitude.

that internet cafe has to be up and running asap. because in the long run, that business is going to give me another source of income. and by then, these things- these lovely, beautiful thoughts- would be realized guilt-free.

it is nicer that way.


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