who says ordinary?

i am helping zsolt pick up a flatmate.

his longtime flatmate, lil, decided to move out of Coogee and rent a place on her own. he likes the place (it being near to everything!) and viggo (his Bengal, which is the most psychotic cat i know- he always watch zsolt sleeping- and i know this for a fact because i was doing the same thing) likes his space so neither of them really want to change residence. he didn’t really had time to search for one until this weekend and since lil is moving out in the next 7 days, the requirement is quite urgent.

sydney in particular has this online website that allows you to search matches based on your preference and for a fee, allows you to get hold of their contact details. while zsolt was babbling about the initial matches he accepted and screened, i blurted out. “you know, you should put one of those pictures i took of you in your profile. choose the really hot pic, i swear you’ll get lots of feedback.”

he laughed. “its not a dating site.” he told me and laughed some more.

but of course. that almost slipped from my mind. i couldn’t possibly pimp my boyfriend on a flatmate finder site considering we are looking for a female candidate. i do prefer he’d get a girl, really. at least, there’s more probability that girls clean a flat once in a while. and that (to quote zsolt) girls are less rude to pets. i did tell him not to get anybody below 24 years old for reasons i seriously believe is reasonable. “Ninety five percent probability that if you end up with one, she’ll be all over you in three months.”

he laughed.

“i am serious. you wanna bet on it?” i asked him. yes, i know. i must really stop wagering relationships; nothing good ever comes out of it. “come on, it will be fun.”

“no, i don’t think i want to go down that road!” he declined.

smart-ass. men who know up to where their limitations are ARE so HOT.


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