give my boyfriend a female flatmate. fast.

zsolt has been (still is) cleaning his flat for days. (perhaps, that is the reason why i hate moving; there is just too much stuff you have to do.) and between this and helping Lil organize her stuff in her new flat, he was searching for the right candidate for a flatmate.

i also prefer he’d get a girl (it’s quite complicated and i’d rather not explain it). id like viggo to stay with him and thus its very important that the new flatmate wouldn’t mind seeing a Bengal running around the lounge room after a lizard.

i was crossing my finger on the girl that was supposed to check out his place yesterday. her profile looks alright (and she’s above 24 years old!) and she seems financially stable (couldn’t afford letting zsolt worry about missing rental payments, could i?) and i was beginning to warm up to the idea that she would be the one. unfortunately, not only did she make him wait(and in the end did not really show up- don’t you just hate that?), she was behaving rather hard-to-get for someone who badly needs to find a place to live.

i asked zsolt to call her when she texted telling him nobody was answering her when she knocked.

i don’t call people. zsolt stubbornly replied. ah-ha, and i was beginning to wonder.

but why not? she might still be just around the corner.

don’t you understand? he insisted. it is a test and she failed it. if she wants it badly, she should make an effort.

(i was tempted to start an argument based on that grounds. but maybe its just me these days, starting up a fight takes too much effort and i don’t feel like making any effort on that anymore. so there you go.)

fortunate enough, really. because an hour later, our #1 favourite candidate texted him, inquiring about the room. she’s an air hostess, a japanese, doesn’t mind pets, and is only in Sydney 2.5 weeks a month. zsolt is excited about having the flat all to himself half the entire time and is really hoping she is “the one”. i kinda like her around the flat with him for entirely different reasons, but that’s a story for another day.

and so, she’s going to check out the place 2pm today. im crossing my fingers. she has to love the place and she has to decide right then if she’s taking it because that way, zsolt can stop worrying about having to find another equally nice candidate and at the same time, paying for the entire month’s rent himself. it is not financially good for his bank account.

ooohhh, imagine if she dives. i told him.

that would be cool. he answered. would be awesome to drag another person to PI.

and so, imagine this…

if we can just close our eyes and imagine a reality and can actually make it happen. with just a flick of our thumb or a blink of an eye, things would happen the way we want them to happen… exactly how we want them to happen…

then, imagine how chaotic the universe would be in that case.

i am not afraid anymore.


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