take it or leave it.

i told zsolt i would like to check out the dive site in sipaway island over the weekend. i am not expecting something spectacular but i do want to be surprised. perhaps, after diving cabilao, i would at least have a decent experience to measure the rest of the dive sites against.

i told him the site is crazy for advertising a dive rate without guide. he disagreed with me. he was used to doing shore dives in Sydney without a guide. i told him i’d rather they only let people who dove the sites regularly do the dives alone. he said diveguides are not really a requirement.

fair enough.

i should have mastered the underwater navigation class of my Advanced Open Water course. if i did, then i would realize myself that with a compas and the right frame of mind, i should be able to find my way back to where i started my dive.

“i don’t think i will ever dive without a guide.” i told him. “unless probably if i dive with you. at least if we get lost, then there’s two of us. and i wouldn’t feel that bad getting stuck in the middle of the ocean with you.”

he laughed. “at least we drown together.”

“oh yes, that too. and you will be the last person i see before i die.” i told him.

“and then there’s also the option of sex before you die.” he told me.

i giggled. “i always heard sex during the threat of death is always awesome.”

yes, it is a little gruesome to be talking that way. and though i haven’t tried it, i am sure sex with complete scuba gear is not that easy to pull off.

my days with zsolt…it is pretty hard to describe it. it’s pretty online most of the time, really. can i remember the last time i heard his voice? i am trying to remember. can he? probably not. do we even text at all? not lately.

are we crazy? perhaps.

but i like him heaps. and the last time i checked, the feeling is mutual.

and for the first time in my life, that is beginning to sound enough.


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