the saddest girl in the world.

i found her vomiting in the bathroom.

“are you alright?” i asked her.

she looked at me through the mirror, the foul smell of puke rising in the air. “i am sick of myself.”

“too much liquor, perhaps? bad food? too much coffee in the morning?” i probed, keeping my distance from her. times like this, there is something menacing about her being. you can actually see the darkness around her, even in broad daylight.

she shook her head, “i am sick of myself destroying everything around me.”

i do not know what she was talking about. the world is a beautiful place and there is so much to be happy for.

as if reading me, she spoke up, “i do not deserve to be happy and no one is worthy of me.”

she is the saddest girl in the world. and i was suddenly afraid because i can touch her….

and no one else can.


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