i am not that kind of girl anymore.

up until a few minutes ago, i was on a shopping spree.

i am not your “shopping” kind of girl. i really hate walking, i hate crowdy places, and i hate having too much visuals to process all at once. the last time i window-shopped was during university days, because there was really nothing else to do to kill time and there was never enough money to buy stuff.

but armed with my credit card (for the points, yes. i do have enough cash to pay the bill when it’s due) and my sister, we braved our way to the kitchenware section.

everything in my kitchen now is going away.

yes. you heard it right. the plates, the mugs, the glasses, the spoons, forks, knives, the dish organizer, the toaster, the pans and pots… everything.

we decided to purchase the dining set from Luminarc because i always wanted to have one of those but i cringed everytime i thought of the price (i am a cheapstake through and through- i will never buy an original DVD!). this time though, i have disciplined myself to depreciate all things to justify the cost. i am going to be using it for years, i might as well get one i would like looking at for the duration of the period. everything is white and all the storage are made of wood.

these are the remaining stuff i need to buy to complete the kitchen overhaul:

1. rice dispenser/organizer (the one where you can put the rice cooker on top)
2. a wooden dining table
3. a microwave oven

i have been holding off purchasing the right stuff for the apartment because i was waiting for that perfect time when i get one of my own. and so, i settled for the cheap stuff. but having my own condominium unit or a townhouse (maybe) in Metro Manila is not happening soon, not in 3 year’s time anyway. or maybe never, considering how often i changed priorities now.

i am doing this because i have recently found out that waiting for the perfect time to do some stuff does not sit perfectly with me. i am not that kind of girl anymore. i would like to start enjoying the little comforts in life within the boundaries of my financial objectives so i do not have to splurge money impulsively for comfort when i feel frustrated about everything.

life is too short to postpone really living it.

do not get me wrong. i am not going to start living on the edge; that is for the likes of zsolt to do. i can never see myself living for the present alone. i was never one that does and i do not like to start doing it now. i like to be able to see my future, not so much on what exactly it will be but more on having enough confidence that i can comfortably breeze through it without invoking “come what may” attitude.

but, unlike in the past, i will not sacrifice the comforts of my present for the benefit of the future.

i am not that kind of girl anymore.


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