how do you do your grocery shopping?

i once dated a guy who, whenever we do grocery shopping, would insist we start from the farthest, most corner end of the grocery store, trail along the shelves, get what we need to purchase, and walk until we reach the other end and straight to the cashier counter. he also insisted that i prepare a grocery list.

you see, i wasn’t used to preparing a list when i go grocery shopping; i still do not do it up to now. jesse and i also have this fondness of running around the grocery store when we remember something that is not in our cart yet. that, or scrutinizing Shelf#12 and then running to Shelf#52 when the grocery assistant informs us we can find the thing we need there.

but that guy i dated was persistent. he refused to follow my haphazard way of doing things and insisted that we have a list before we reach the grocery store. the list was for ensuring we do not forget anything we really need to replenish. the method was for allowing us to pass all the shelves (just in case we have overlooked something and it is not in the list) at the shortest possible time.

we broke up soon after. it wasn’t due to his grocery shopping method but over something else more reasonable for break-up than that.

but i remembered him when i was staring at yet another 4-digit grocery purchases just one week after we had the first grocery shopping for the month. how can i spend Php4.5K in groceries alone for this month? i swear my alter ego would be so pissed when she will update the cash management later.

Php4.5K might be less than what you are spending. but you have to remember there are only three of us here. and we all rarely eat meals at home. my brother goes to school, jesse and i go to work. i sometimes take my dinner at home but it is only during weekends that we cook. our dirty laundry goes straight to the laundry shop.

what the hell am i spending that much for in groceries?

perhaps, it was the only thing that was beautiful in that relationship: the grocery shopping method. i know. i know. i always chose to learn my lessons the hard way. i knew precisely it was a very good practice, especially now that i am passionate with this cash management thing. i guess my reason for not adapting it was that i had issues with the messenger; he was such an asshole. (but really, where is my objectivity here?)

and so, i checked the grocery receipts for the month and inspected the goods in the kitchen to analyze why i am incurring large grocery bills lately. and this is what i found out:

1. too many canned goods (not HEALTHY)
2. lots of cartons of Chuckie Chocolait (pretty valid- i love Chuckie Chocolait!)
3. popcorns, chips, Pringles (and stuff of the like i am not supposed to tag as house expenses, but rather, personal allowance charges).
4. dips, spread, and cream even when there are still dips, spread and cream in the fridge (what? peanut butter? cream cheese? cheeze whiz? salsa? honey syrup? we rarely eat bread!!!!)
5. bottles of shrimp paste and spanish sardines (with two bottles of each already opened – how did this happen?)
6. liquors like Vodka and tequila and cocktail mixed (VERY VALID, i’d rather concoct my own cocktail than pay $4/glass at Greenbelt.)
7. five large tube of toothpaste, opened and lying on top of my fridge (shocked! why???????)
8. stack of other tolietries that would last for not a month, but two months (pretty valid, that means lesser expenses next month).
9. some packed vegetables, others are near their “to the garbage” state because no one has been cooking! (actually, there is a wet market building near our place. you walk out of our apartment building, walk for a few steps, cross the street, walk for like 20 steps, and then you will find yourself inside that building. so, to stock up for vegetables which wouldn’t really be fresh after a day or two, is very silly.)
10. other products we bought that we do not know what for.

i noticed a few month’s ago that my house expenses were always way out of the budget, sometimes, the actual is twice as much as what i have forecasted. this is the explanation: my grocery shopping skills suck. i have no control with it. and it is affecting my entire month’s budget.

what should i do? simple. never go to the grocery store without a shopping list. i shall start doing that in November and see how it goes.

as for my exboyfriend’s shopping method, well, i would still prefer running around the grocery store with jesse. it is more fun that way. besides, when i do grocery shopping, i am never in a hurry.


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