so, im turning 27 soon…

yes. not tomorrow. or the next week. but soon.

and where in the past years i got it all planned out two months before, it is quite surprising that i haven’t planned anything yet considering it is going to be in a less than few weeks (i am not going to say when its gonna be as obviously zsolt forgot what date it is and i am not going to make it less harder for him. it is as if its a rocket science question; baaaahhhh, its all over the world wide web, one just have to search for the right tag.)

i do not think i want to celebrate it in boracay. i’ve celebrated the past two birthdays there; and i have been there thrice (!) this year and might be there in the new year. so, no, i think i’d rather celebrate it somewhere else.

but where? and with whom?

i noticed lately i ran out of friends. deo corrected me i haven’t; i just happened to take a different route and they did not follow. i guess it is just fair that i couldn’t expect people to accompany me to Vietnam if i wanted to turn 27 there. or Bali, maybe. or Camotes Island in Cebu. oh well, not that i can really do that as i remember striking a deal with my boss that i am not allowed to take any more leaves for the remainder of this year. do not get me wrong; it is a fair deal, i have taken more than a month’s leave year to date already, way more than the regular 15-day holiday credits.


maybe i should celebrate it alone. i cannot, not celebrate it. with enough friends or none, i still look forward turning a year older every year. and i will continue to do so until i am 60 (that is, if i am still alive by then).

so, where should i go? this archipelago has 7,107 islands, damnit. how can i run out of places?


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