would you live til your 600th year?

he has something like mine. and his list, i find really interesting.

drink coffee in a war zone.

that is quite something.

zsolt mention once that we should be alive until our 600th year, which follows that we should be experiencing the 20’s up until we are in 70’s. i found myself counting until 317 and got tired. man, that is quite a long life if you find yourself in deep shit. think about it, you would be working until you 400th year maybe (if you are lucky). granting you wouldn’t start working until you are 70, that is still about 696,960 hours of your lifetime.

but well, on a good side, you would never run out of time to review your life and start all over again. (although if you get convicted, can you imagine 350 years in jail?????)

i thought about the last 26 years and where i’ve been and what i’ve done. i can’t remember the first five years except for muddy recollection of me and my cousins running around the street half naked under a heavy downpour and that i have the same name for a wallet and a carabao.

i’d say now that i had hold off living my life until i started working. school for me was a jail even though i have grown to like it. i was always waiting for it to be done and over with thus probably explain the occassional impulse to disappear and escape (which i did a couple of times then) just so i can survive through it.

but nothing has more impact in my life than the ones that happened within the last three years. and when you think about it, life really is short.

you can only do so much. you can only love so many people. or get over some. you can only grab so many chances. or reject some other ones.

i asked myself today if there is something in my past that i want to change. and you know, when you ask most people that, they always, almost automatically, answer it the way candidates in a beauty pageant answer it “there is nothing in my past i want to happen otherwise. it made me who i am today.”

i use that answer too. almost automatically.

which really is crap. i really do not think the good majority of us would want to live our lives the same way again, if given a chance. there is always something we want to change in the past.

interested why i think that way?

a perfect life is an ignorant life. if there is nothing in the past you would have done differently, then it means you haven’t learned new things today. and if you haven’t learn new things and still continue living, then the series of experiences you have- they become irrelevant. and if they are irrelevant, what is your life made of?

a perfect score is a perfect score. and the things you can do with a perfect examination result is indulge yourself with it, get all worked up about it, hell, you would brag about it to anyone. but then that’s just it. there are no answers you’d like to review because u got them correctly in the first place. there are no solutions you would like to go through over to understand where you got it wrong. a perfect score is a done score.

life really is short. maybe… just maybe… i should take the big leap after all.


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