viggo and his eccentricities and the guy he got it from

this is viggo.


zsolt got him while he was still dating lil. he’s, i dunno, five years old, i think. he is the most psychotic cat i ever saw in my life. he watches zsolt while he is sleeping (please do not ask me how i know, you can do the algebra yourself). and although zsolt would disagree, i swear he will marry viggo if he can.

my boyfriend’s fascination with his cat is quite abnormal. i told him so.

he laughed it off. zsolt, i don’t know how he does it, always laugh everything off. i have seen him get pissed only once and that was because i taunted him. and learning about viggo lately, i have noticed that he has almost the same attitude as zsolt. zsolt vehemently disagreed when i told him so.

it is actually quite strange that i am learning of my boyfriend’s character through his cat. this cat.


it is even stranger that i am writing about it.


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