the collage frame that took so much space… and attention

the marketing manager did a double and stared at the picture again, turned and looked at me. her wrinkles were showing – a sign that she was trying to bridge the man in the photograph and the girl (that’s me) with her unkempt hair and buddha sitting posture.

“whoa- who is that?”

i had this collage pictures of zsolt (and me) framed and standing proudly on my office table. (of why i have it there in the first place, the justification will follow in a little while).

the bigger part of it is mostly of his closeup shots; the same ones i took during the holiday. and a pic of me and a pic of us. and so, when people barge into my workpod, the first thing they always notice is zsolt looking straight at them. and the first question they always asked is, ” who is that?”

which i think is very silly as the roles of people whose photographs you display anywhere are not that many. and looking at zsolt’s photo you can very well guess he is not a relative. and why would i keep an 8×7 collage frame of a friend? but i guess for most people in the office- who seriously don’t have an idea what it is really that i do and just refer to me as “that girl who reports to the boss”- finding that little detail of my private life standing proudly on my office table, it was quite unavoidable that they should ask.

my financial & operational analyst stared hard at the picture then asked, “is that david?”


he wrinkled his forehead. “hmmmn…” was all he said and went back to what he was doing before that.

the organizational development director asked more: from zsolt’s job to where we met to when i am going to see him again— probably sizing up why all of the sudden i have something in my private life staring unintimidatingly at everyone.

“so,” jullen, who is now an officemate, probed. “is it serious?”

(she bought the frame, after all.)

before i can open my mouth, she added, trailing the edge of the frame with her fingers, “or does this serve as a reminder for you?”

is it? a reminder for me, i mean?

of what?


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