of lesbian tendencies and being straight

“a reminder, huh?” zsolt told me, referring to this particular entry. he does read my blog. in fact, a few nights ago, i stumbled upon my old blog and showed him the site. he was laughing his ass off.

yes, i was funnier then. so unlike now.

“yes.” i told him. “it makes my day brighter. and that it is a beautiful world after all.” that was the first reason that comes out of my head. and hey, the fact that i said it almost automatically— it must be true. he does make me smile. he does make me feel much better at times. “what were you thinking the reminder was?”

“to remind you that you have a boyfriend, and not to stray.” he said. “from what i read into her actions, anyway. of what you typed of her actions.”

i have to ask jullen what she meant.

“there are things that can wait, rona.” she groaned. “unlike you, i don’t do flexible times. it is so rude to wake me up with a phone call for that. what the hell is that? i cannot even remember saying it.”

“but you did.” i insisted.

“oh, maybe i did. i cannot remember. goodbye. i have to sleep.” she hung up on me. the phone rang after a while. “i remember now. i was asking you if it is a reminder for you to stop throwing beautiful things away. what is this? did you and zee break up again? you are nuts. i got to go back to sleep.”

i told her no. i also reminded her that if she decided to stop being friends with me i will officially become a lesbian so i do not have to run to her for guy problems anymore.

“you are nuts.” she groaned and hung up on me the second time around.

nobody seem to think i was serious about that (dani did mention that in any case i am, he ought to be informed first). zsolt thinks i will never be a lesbian; i love men too much i can never turn 180 degrees from them. “no, i think you would be a bi.” he commented (can you believe i am actually talking with my boyfriend about this?) “i have no problem with it.” he added, grinning.

hah. i have no problem with it, either.

but like i told mikey two years and three months ago, i still do not think i need to change my preference.

hey, mi zsolt, you got yourself a place in my office table after all. :).


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