junking my N73 for a 5070

my friends(what’s left of them- they used to be many) think i am crazy.

as i gave up my HP Ipaq to jesse, i am now giving up my N73 to my brother. his Samsung D600 (my gift to jesse on her birthday which jesse passed on to him over the HP ipaq…you get the drif?) got snatched a month or two ago when he was out with his girlfriend.

giving up my N73 is not what makes me crazy according to my friends. it is the fact that i now am sporting a Nokia 5070.

yup. no megapixel camera. not even enough built in memory to accommodate five pictures. no external memory card slot.

not even a bluetooth.

yup. what i have with me is now the traditional cellular phone. you cannot do anything with it but text,accept and make calls. in fact, it is so basic Globe Telecom gave it as a freebie for a Php500/month postpaid plan.

deo- who dropped by earlier today with his SEP990i and a power blast SE headphone- laughed his ass off. there used to be a time when i had the latest gadgets and he couldn’t see then the reason why i have to always get the “latest model”. hey, i bought the HP Ipaq Rw6828 when it was out in the market the first time last year, in cash.

i don’t know where that girl is right now. starting this year, i have found myself getting out of the “i-must-have-the-latest-gadget” mode. (thank God i got over the 400D fever- i almost bought one unnecessarily). in fact, besides the HP Pav laptop i bought this January (and that is out of necessity), i haven’t bought anything else since then.

i am kinda liking the fact that i can actually function with the basic technology. no ipod, no high-end mobile phone, none of those bluetooth accessories. in fact, i was looking closely at my phone bill the other day and found out i can actually unsubscribe from my unlimited Airborne Access wireless connection (since i rarely hang around coffeeshops these days). i can also stop subscribing to the unlimited PLDT NDD calls and the IDDSL (i tried using this to call Zsolt’s mobile- he couldn’t hear me clearly even if i scream. it used to work with David, but there is no reason to call David now that we broke up). Doing that would cut some costs from my monthly fixed bills.

of course i still have my Php2K/month postpaid plan from Suncellular which i have difficulty utilizing ever since david and i broke up. i ought to call father more often these days. would have been easier if i can use it to call zsolt; but zsolt’s network and Suncellular do not seem to take a liking with each other. that and we rarely do voice talk anyway. i swear sometimes, we do not know what to say to each other over the phone.

but ah, me and my nokia 5070. i chose it because i wanted a simpler phone, actually. i wonder, though, how long until i get bored with it. if i do, would i even stoop down to a 3330? or buy an N90?


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