so, you’re going on a holiday, what happens while you’re out?

like my insurance and pension plan premiums, i always pay my siblings’ tuition fees in full during enrollment time. the reason for this is very straightforward: the cash discount for paying in full is way higher than the interest income i get for letting the cash sit in my bank account until such time my siblings need it so they can take their midterms or final exams.

and because my brother follows a trimester and my sister a semester, i usually prepare for their school fees ahead of time by setting a side a monthly allotment for such expenses every month. this way, when enrollment time comes up, i do not have to feel the physical hit to my current month’s paycheck. this holds true for my insurance and pension plan premiums.

so when i tell you now that i was not able to do this during my brother’s enrollment last month, it wouldn’t make sense. i had set aside enough cash for his trimester’s fees.

i was just busy having my R&R (with Zsolt, yes) last month i forgot about everything else. yes, not a very financially smart action to take but do not get me wrong, i absolutely had no regrets. however, it takes more than gulping down my saliva to get over the fact of how much my irresponsibility cost me. not only did my brother almost wasn’t able to get himself enrolled (jesse gave him enough cash to pay for the entrance fee), i am now paying 25% more than i would have if i paid for it in cash and in full.

how did that happen? i went away without any back up plan, not even a disclosure on where i would be and when i will come back. i forgot the fact that the world i left behind —while i enjoy a less hurried, more enjoyable, sex-filled world— will continue to be fast-paced, uncaring, and in a rush. that was my only mistake. and that silly mistake cost me 25% more in tuition fees. not only am i paying 10% more for choosing installment (it doesn’t matter to them what your reasons are for not being able to pay it in full during enrollment), i also foregone the 15% cash discount provided for if i did.



but a good lot of us learned the hard way, don’t we? this one is for the books. the next time i plan a holiday, and i actually have a 5-day trip to Kuala Lumpur, MY in a few weeks, i will ensure that i leave everything in order and accounted for. the bills are pretty easy to manage in my case as i can pay them online these days. but for the other stuff- financial or otherwise- i have to make sure there are no consequences i will be shocked of when i bounce back to my normal pace.

believe me, it always pays when you prepare for it. i know, it makes life a little more boring and a little less exciting but no surprise is better than a bad surprise, don’t you agree?

and oh, i still say my holiday with Zsolt- it rocked. literally and figuratively.


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