my birthday wishlist

someone once told me one should stop expecting gifts after their 13th birthday.

i refuse to listen. and although the wish list i always draw up every year rarely get granted, i always do them anyway. nothing beats always having to put a “Lego Housing Set [with windows and doors and garden, please]” in #7 for the last 8 years.

so, here’s to my turning 27 in a few days time:

1. a bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold
2. a pashmina (you gotta ask me what colour or design i still do not have because i have more than a dozen in my closet already)
3. a Canon A640
4. a power-blast, hip travel headphone
5. a regulator set
6. the new black Mares X-vision mask
7. a Lego Housing Set [with windows and doors and garden, please]
8. a home-massage gift certificate (at least 1.5 hours please!)
9. a pair of lavender/pink full foot fins
10. a personal essential travel pack
11. a pair of green coloured contact lenses
12. a room and linen spray with a touch of lavender (makes me really sleep well)
13. a 1GB memory card
14. agatha christie mystery books ( i had 26 of her works already, so you might want to check with me what else i do not have?)
15. zsolt

i know. i know. but heck- my list rarely get granted anyway so i’d just like to throw in zsolt the last minute just in case there is a genie who thinks he can actually grant 3 of the 15 things in this list.

and no surprises, please. everytime someone thinks of surprising me, it always end up disastrously because i always end up learning about it beforehand!

so, here is to my turning 27 in a week’s time. fuck, i am getting old.


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