theories and the brief over superman’s lycra suit

three months ago, zsolt thinks i was teasing him and told me so.

but i wasn’t really. i do not really know the difference between a plasma and a lcd tv. not in a way i can explain it to an eight-year old anyway. i do believe that you can only fully understand something if you can explain it to an eight-year old in a way that they can understand it.

i told him that.

“you are still teasing me.” he said.

i guess, between geeks (and we both are in our own little area of expertise) that is teasing for you, people. although, we do have our normal days. but that’s another story.

the thing with zsolt is that he has all these crazy theories. though not stranger or crazier than mine (have you ever heard about my own “survival of the fetus” theory? i swear if i and Charles Darwin were dating then, he would have junked the “fittest” for “fetus” and it would have been more apt). but as i was saying, zsolt’s theories may not be stranger or crazier than mine, they are very fun to hear of. he told me once that you can actually tell if somebody really likes you (in the romantic sense of the word) by the way their body is positioned when you are hugging. now for me, that is quite interesting.

“so, when i hugged you to say goodbye,” i asked him then because i couldn’t remember. the stuff that happened between us before we were dating- they were really a blur. “was my body parallel to yours or not?”

“nope.” he answered almost automatically. “you were hesistant, i can tell. it wouldn’t happen the next time, i am sure.”

he was right. it didn’t. when i met him at the airport two months ago, there were no hesitations. my feelings on my hug is like superman’s briefs on top of his lycra: very visible.

few hours ago i told him i couldn’t remember how his voice sounded like anymore. and i am not kidding. i think i can faintly recall but not quite. especially his laugh. god, when was the last time i heard zsolt laughing? i cannot remember, either.

he replied that its been a while since he heard my voice actually (obviously, it does work both ways). and then he said, “the girl upstairs is at it again. damn, she’s loud.” and before i realized it, we shifted our attention to the “girl upstairs”.

i have a theory. and my theory is that zsolt can always gear away from any topic he does not want to discuss. and although i really do not like the sound of that theory, the hypothesis confirms it.

did it bother me? no

does it bother me now? perhaps. maybe a little.

will it bother me in the future? ….

well, what is it i really want anyway?

i have a theory. and my theory is that, i think i enjoy screwing myself.


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