eBay devirginized

eBay is so cool.

yes, i won and bought my first eBay item today: a 26mbps adsl2+ 4 port ethernet router. i won the bid for Php1170 which isn’t so bad considering the fact that there were no visible shops in the entire makati that sells ethernet modem and that a 4-port router alone costs about Php2150.

i kinda like the bidding process; no wonder zsolt finds it quite convenient. and fun. next time though, i ought to plan ahead with my eBay purchases. a Php300 transportation to pick it up is quite higher for the value of the item and traveling to quezon city always gives me a headache. air21 is cheap and convenient, if only i do not need the router before saturday.

oh well, what else is new with me anyway? when it boils down to one thing, i always do things on an impulse.


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