a not so still life with dani

(etched from memory; February 2007)

when dani told me he is going to china to study mandarin, i told him that i strongly believe the chinese girls have something to do with his decision. i remembered him denouncing it while his eyes glittered in agreement.

that was six months ago. and having been in china for three months now, there is no way in telling when his crazy stories and escapades will end. they just keep on getting more and more preposterous. the people he met seem larger than life, more interesting than the corporate ass i have to work with five days a week. he partied hard and traveled well. that was, and is, his life. he was not the type of guy you can bind into a particular geographical location and make a permanent life in it. he was what made the idea of travel interesting. and in between his escapades and our skype conversations, i had found myself webbed into his adventures.

this is my story, his story and the story of the people we independently met along the way of our travels. If I may have misquoted him or them in the course of this documentation, let it be known that it was of my best intention to portray what occurred in between the lines of our individual story telling.

brace yourself, folks.


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