October 2007 Personal Finance Monthly Report

i screwed up October pretty bad that not only had i used up the buffer in my disposable account, i also used up the entire tuition fee budget for my sister’s second semester enrollment on Monday.

what the fuck is wrong with me?

i had to drawdown from my emegency fund equal to her semester’s tuition fee plus a little allowance for me so i could at least have enough cab fare to work and some cash to buy myself some food (yes, i overspent my allowance, too!!!).

my variance analysis showed up these:

1. i have overspent 20% more than my monthly allowance.
2. utilities are 30% over budget (which can be considered a one time event as these are all calls made by father from my landline to mother’s cellphone. argh!!!! we have a freaking landline back in the province, why didn’t he use it?)
3. holiday expenses is 100% more than my holiday/addiction allowance (which lodging application fees)

point#1 is a puzzle, considering that i rarely have any social life these days. i can buy all the bottles of liquor i need to piss myself to death and i still do not think i will breach my allowance limit. looking at the expenses closely though, i found out that there are one-time expenses there such as birthday gifts and the like.

so, alright, this is beginning to sound much better.

point#2 is easy; i know it will not happen again. father was probably too excited when he arrived in manila and mother was probably too eager to talk to him that they both forgot that it is actually cheaper if he calls her using the landline.

wow, i can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

point#3 is tricky. with the internet cafe business still in the process of opening (my God, how hard can it be? these has been going on for months!), i found myself having the need to go to the province for it. i know. i know. this isn’t the best sound alternative but it is something i haven’t foreseen in advance. and so, i am charging it to experience. although, the plane tickets i did not consider as an expense from the holiday fund (are you kidding me? i am going to charge the business for that!). but i always end up spending so much when i am in the province. and this is what is messing up my numbers. plus, there were expenses that i incur to complete my tourist visa application to australia (which is obviously not in my budget as i didn’t really expect i would be preparing for it this early).

without the one-time type of expenses, i actually am not doing so badly at all. but it is not impressive, either. i have to update my forecast for the next six months to reflect any planned expenses, if they have at least 25% chance of happening. it pays to be conservative in this case. i am not going to draw down from my emergency funds for reasons of overspending ever again.

and oh, one thing i learned this month?

if you are not going to be practical, love can get you broke.seriously.


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