the valedictorian who lost it.

“i guess,” bjorn commented. “drunk women are not the most charming lot around.”

he had the need to stress it after seeing the pictures i had of me the other day after a night of consuming 1.5L of Vodka and 1L of Tequila with high school friends i haven’t seen for ages(8, 5, 3 years maybe). i flew home to Negros for the weekend for many reasons. one of which was to get me and mum talking (we had quite a cold war due to the internet cafe problems). another was to fix the DSL connection of the cafe so BCG can get the networking done and we can start our soft opening. and the third was because i am turning 27 today. for what seems to be a lack of a solid birthday plan, i ran to Negros to at least be somewhere during my birthday.

it is currently the city fiesta now. so, it wasn’t quite a surprise when we went out saturday evening (i was with my hs friends) that we found the rest of our high school friends already drinking beers at the city park’s football field. yes, that was where we spent a considerable amount of time that evening: right beside the football field goal. i swear at some point in time, i had the urge to climb the net and make it an improvised hammock. i bought a gallon of ice cream instead. to go with the tequila and the vodka.

to say i didn’t get drunk is hogwash. the pictures speak for itself. i look drunk; every freaking inch of me. and to make it worse, i was strutting my stuff on the dance floor.

you see, i do not dance. i cannot really dance. and to find out the morning after i was making a show at the dance floor was kinda embarrassing.

but then, you see, most of them almost did not recognize me these days. i changed so much from what i was during high school people had the need to double check what happened in between.

“you’re different.” one hs classmate of mine commented over and over again. “in an overwhelming, good kind of way.” he grinned.

i have finally crossed the line. it was one thing to get wasted in boracay. or manila. or puerto galera. it is another to lost it in that quaint little town you grow up in.

especially if they all thought you weren’t that kind of girl.


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