here’s to the birthday that was

i was cracking peanuts with mother’s home-made peanut shell cracker on my birthday. that and i have been on the road for a considerable amount of time to get back to Metro Manila from Negros.

it is quite a strange idea of a birthday celebration for me: i, who is very particular with how i celebrate it. i guess this is a sign that i am getting old. that, or i stop giving a damn.

zsolt did call me 3 hours before my birthday, insisting that if i was in OZ then, i would be officially 27 (sweetest little logic i’ve heard). unofficially, it made him the first person to greet me and anything that put zsolt on top- that makes my day. he was also the last person i spoke with before the clock turned 6th.

i am satisfied how the day turned out.

turning 27 doesn’t seem to have an effect on me though. i was travelling with a hs friend, alma, who was seated a few seats back from me and was asked by the bus conductor when he was collecting the fare if “that child sitting a few seats” is with her. earlier, as he was issuing the bus ticket, he asked me if i brought my student ID.

is it the way i dressed? i was particularly in faded corduroy and my 8- or 9-year old blue top. perhaps it is my hair? but i made sure i combed it before i left home. should i start wearing make-up?

it doesn’t bother me that most people still mistook me for a teenager. but sometimes, when i am with zsolt (and zsolt looks only 28 of his 33 years), he would look like a cradle snatcher.

but ahhhh, what is age anyway? or not looking like one’s age?

“you look so like a child.” people would say.

zsolt would chuckle. “you have no idea.” he would say. and i shall giggle in agreement.


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