the chinese zodiac is screwing us!

for lack of other options to clear my mind so i can concentrate on the analysis i have to finish today, and couple this with my chinese acquaintances talking about the good tidings that will come during the year of the rate (2008), i ended up in compatibility sites.

man, i am so glad i like proving a universalized psychological pattern wrong.

Monkey and TIGER: Strong clashes and rivalry. Will not comprehend each other. Mutually suspicious. No areas of common interest. Highly incompatible. ” – chinavoc

Tiger’s Mortal Enemy: Monkeys
Tiger*Monkey: You’ll aggravate each other to death!

“As lovers these two might have fun together but their relationship will also likely be prone to arguments as well, resulting from the Tiger’s commanding presence versus the Monkey’s penchant for mischievous fun. Both these Signs pursue their own interests, in fact: the Monkey its pleasure and the Tiger its freedom. But while it’s good that they can both stay true to themselves, their relationship may not have much to bond them together. These two may tire quickly of what the Monkey sees as the Tiger’s patronization and what the Tiger sees as the Monkey’s unfocused frivolity.” – chinese astrology

i am not dismissing these. after all, the chinese astrology is a compilation of personality types that has been well documented since the Shang Dynasty (yes, i wikipedia-d it. i do know its been here since forever, but i am never good with numerical or historical dates!) and personally, i had coffee once with one of the country’s political analysts and he gave me good reasons why i should not dismiss the chinese zodiac. the reasons for me were enough. but i still do not shape my destiny based on what is best for my sign (monkey). but then, the chinese astrology did mention the monkeys never listen.

i would like to know what zsolt thinks of this. but then, he surely would laugh this off. i wonder which would be worse: him believing this or him doing all in his powers proving this wrong. it is like choosing between two evils. i do not know which is the lesser one of the two, though.

not that this bothers me at all. we knew from the start we were so different. it drives him crazy, my tendency to always overanalyze things and my latin temper. he drives me crazy… the fact that he always changes his mind and that he is too independent for his own good.

but, but, but, we are currently very happy with each other. and really, that is enough.


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