let’s relocate to where the scandinavian hotties are.

zsolt and i were talking about denmark. and how nice it would be to go there, work our asses hard, pay off debts, come back to PI, build a nice little hut in Cabilao, hosts DORs, live for Php500/day and fresh fish and fruits.

but then, we have a problem with its weather so i told him i think switzerland is a better pick. no diving, yes (but neither of us is diving after our holiday anyway). but there’s going to be a lot of snow for him to ski in some months. and besides, we’ll get round to the diving afterwards anyway.

i know. i know. what were we thinking?

but then, sometimes, we need conversations like that. about the money we could have earned if we can earn them. the places we could have travelled together if we can do so easily. the plans we could have realized if there wasn’t three thousand miles and more between his coogee apartment and my shack.

oh well.

we still didn’t buy the tickets for new year. but, but, but we are still holding on to the plan.


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