zsolt with a six-pack? get me to oz. fast.

zsolt groaned last night.

he is now 20 seconds slower than his normal 2000-meter rowing time. i cannot visualize that; in fact, when we were still in the “getting to know each other stage” (and trust me, this didn’t take us long!), whenever he tells me he is off rowing, i have thought of sydney river and a coloured sailboat.

yes, i am the most erratic genius i ever met. and if i have to meet myself again, i still would think the same.

anyway, he has been complaining for months now how unhealthy he has become, something i am not surprised of. they all complain about that, all the guys i dated. they were always way healthier before they dated me. which makes me wonder why, sometimes. only sometimes.

and though i absolutely am fond of zsolt the way he is now and actually think it is silly that he made me promise never to show the pic of him shirtless along boracay sand, i am with him with the whole health concern stuff. and really, zsolt with a six-pack? give me a one-way ticket to OZ right now.

and so i told him we can have a deal. he must do his rowing everyday and i shall start doing sit-ups (the only exercise i will ever want to try).

“deal.” he said.

i guess i really need to stop drinking ice cold Coke at 7am in the morning.


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