i am going to see the wizard of oz. soon.

almost a month ago (Oct.22), i lodged my application for a tourist visa (subclass 676)
to Australia for obvious reasons. at some point, i need to show my face in Sydney and i couldn’t do that without a visa (welcome to the third world country).

i applied for a two to three-week holiday as that is the only maximum time i can skip work and still would have the job when i get back. and having no intention at all of being employed by another employer at this point in time (are you kidding me? flexi time? the pay? the benefits? the boss?), i was not ready to push my boss’ sanity and demand a one-month leave.

anyway, the australian embassy usually process tourist visa applications within 7 days. so, it was quite disconcerting for me that up until yesterday, they still did not return my passport. i am flying to KL (Malaysia) next week and i couldn’t do that without it, for obvious reasons.

when i finally received the Air21 package today, i found out that they have not only granted me a visa, they gave me a multiple entry to Australia for one year (which i understood is the maximum for subclass 676).

i am not complaining; i am actually elated. elated because this means now that Zsolt can drag me to Vanuatu and/or Fiji and back to sydney when i visit him next year. and hey, i can fly to OZ every weekend for the next 51 weeks.

that is, if i only have a shack full of cash that will disappear if i do not spend the right away.

because you see, it’s kinda silly that i get a multiple entry visa in a span of 1 year when i am fully employed (and thus can only afford a maximum of 3 weeks annual holiday)and when the tickets in and out of OZ cost about $900-$1300. it is as if the australian embassy was mocking me: “you have that right if you can only afford it, babe.”


do not get me wrong. i am elated, very much. and zsolt is, too.

time for me to start saving for my OZ holiday.


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