would zsolt clone a maggie (but without the PMS)?

i asked zsolt today if it is possible and if he could, would he clone me?

“what for? i have the real you!” he answered.

“oh no, you can still have the real me.” i explained. “i think it would be cool, you know, to send off the clone to work and take out the trash… do all the less fun things that we do not want….”

“no, I don’t think I can do that – even if it is a clone, she would be a living person, with feelings and a personality, I would hate to condemn someone to a life of slavery just because they are a clone.” he answered as a matter-of-fact, like he was attending a beauty pageant or something.

“fair enough.” i agreed. what is there to argue? “let us just hire a robot then.”

last night, i was being a bitch to zsolt. he surprisingly finished work earlier than i expected, but nevertheless tired and beat. it was not really impossible then that after talking with him for 5.5hours, his head was ready to wither away and roll on the floor. i, on the other hand, was wide awake despite the fact that i haven’t had sleep or food myself. i can understand, even when i was being a bitch, why he needs to sleep. what i couldn’t understand, however, is why i am bitching about it. how inconsiderate could i get sometimes?

zsolt knows now when i get grumpy or about to start getting grumpy. i guess it doesn’t really take that long to recognize one’s habits and attitude when you deal with them every single day. he told me he hated it when he can’t stay up as long as i can. i remember telling him it was never my problem (???) and that skype would have been a better way to spend the night rather than typing away the dust in our keyboard.

“i don’t think of it because i don’t use it often.” he reasoned. “just tell me about it next time. to remind me its there.”

thinking about that petty argument (if one would call it that), it was clear i was being unreasonable. what was my problem? jeez, if i have a problem of him having to get some sleep, i might as well plaster him on my wall and inject steroids and adrenaline pills on him. i had that window of opportunity to end the evening right; i didn’t grab it. i guess, in my case, i couldn’t see that window of opportunity because i don’t look for it that often.

but zsolt’s patience- and i have to give him that- reminded me it is there.

i did apologize the morning after. things are always clearer after you sleep on them. and with zsolt, its always easier to do these things. i had no excuse for my behaviour other than that it could be due to PMS. it being PMS, though, did not justify my actions. i was still being unreasonable. “forgive me?” i asked.

“of course.” he answered.

the thing with zsolt is, he makes me see things in their simplicity.

like today for instance. forty minutes before he left for a dinner appointment, and four hours after chatting with him, he said out of the blue. “wanna skype for a little while?”

and you ask me if i am happy? of course.


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