stranded in kuala lumpur without a camera

two nights ago, i packed my bags and caught a trip to Kuala Lumpur the following morning. i had no plans what to do with the city i have heard of so much but was confident that there were enough people who find my presence in Malaysia a welcomed intrusion. with my dependable backpack, my laptop, and my mobile phone, i left Manila early morning for Clark International Airport to catch the flight to Kuala Lumpur.

it wasn’t so bad as one would think; the travel from Manila to Clark. for a Php5,713 airfare roundtrip and Php600 special airconditioned bus pickup and drop-off to Mla-Clark-Mla, it is a bargain deal. and this is the regular fare; in some cases, deals for KL flights would go down to as low as Php3k.

Philtranco partnered with the low cost carriers touching down Clark for a special service. the bus picked up passengers from two points in Manila: Pasay Terminal and back of Megamall A. for Php300, you get yourself a nice seat, uninterrupted travel to Clark via the NLEX(North Luzon Expressway). the same service is available for people arriving to Clark and going to Manila. the travel takes about an hour to an hour a half. unaware of a much later schedule, i took the 7am trip from Megamall and was already sitting at the lounge area of Clark International Airport by 8:30am, waiting for my 11:15am boarding time.

i would take this airport over NAIA anytime. it is just so much better in more ways that one: less crowd, airport staff are more friendly, and you can actually check in more than two hours before the flight!

on another note, i have heard mixed reviews about airasia. people agreed the flights are cheap but people also argued it comes with a price. the free 15kg baggage isn’t that attractive and the really “small” seats were pretty horrific for a 4-hour flight. luckily, i am a pretty light packer and a 92-pound girl and i actually was able to curl comfortably in the small seat and slept like a baby. and you know what? the flight arrived 45 minutes ahead of schedule! which is supposedly good in most cases but not when someone gave you a favour and promised to pick you up after office hours which was what happened to my case. waiting for 3 hours at the airport was a drag but i did promise suren i will only hop into someone else’s car if it was george clooney driving.

tough luck.

he arrived just a few minutes away from me losing my sanity. it didn’t take that long to realize how far the LCC airport was from where he was coming from that i almost felt guilty i got really bored and tired of waiting for him. almost. you see, i am a spoiled brat through and through. no wonder i have so few friends.

after taking a quick shower and changing into something more appropriate, suren and i went to the temple where they honoured the elephant god, Ganesha (more on this trip in my next blog entry) and then had dinner in one of the indian restaurants in Klang area. the food was just so good it was difficult to describe it besides the fact that it was one of the better meals i have after a long time.

“i’m jealous.” zsolt told me when we spoke over the phone. “i should have bought that $400 ticket to macau.”

i smiled at that thought while i looked at the people splashing around the pool from the balcony of suren’s flat. “then why don’t you.”

“ha ha.”

“i’m serious. why don’t you grab a flight and see me here for the weekend?” i told him.

“i gotta work tomorrow.” he said in resignation and sighed.

baaaaaaahhhhhh. that’s reality for you. although it is quite romantic, it wasn’t so practical. zsolt can buy a CanonG9 on an impulse but then he can always put it up in eBay when he realizes he doesn’t want it anymore. i do not think it works like that when it comes to holidays.

but really, it is alright. sometimes, some things, i have to do without him.


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