malaysian/indian cuisine and the glutton in me

i can come back to Malaysia for the food. seriously.

but then, i do not think i really can relocate here. it will cut my lifespan a month shorter for every year i eat their kind of food. my former colleagues insisted it is healthy. it being healthy or not was not what was bothering me. it was the fact that i feel like i am on my to the electric chair and as a consolation has been given the freedom to stuff myself with food before they burn me to death.

the truth of the matter is, the food was amazing and CHEAP: both the Indian and the Malay cuisine. and although, vietnamese dishes still tops my list (i haven’t tried authentic thai food in TH yet), the two are climbing up the top 5 chart. here is an example of a normal restaurant menu:



people usually order one dish for themselves but sharing is also common.

the problem though is that i ate so many stuff i do not know what the dishes are called. and they seriously look the same to me. i told my friends they need to list down the names of the ones they ordered for me for the sanity of my blog readers. it is particularly useless to keep on raving about something without the factual descriptions! but hell, i guess you just need to take my word for it.

yesterday morning, we went to an indian restaurant and i had this for breakfast.


do not ask me what that is because i seriously do not know. but what i can tell you though is that the fried fish was AWESOME. six minutes after, all that was left of it were the fish thorns.

i cannot relocate to Malaysia. i will die in gluttony.


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