my christmas this year is in summer.

yes, i am going to Sydney for the christmas/new year holidays.

i know. its barely a month after my kuala lumpur trip. but there are some chances you cannot just watch pass you by. i am grabbing this one.

my father is not thrilled though. “there is something to be said about girls running after their boyfriends.” he told mother this (and i learned because mother told me this, laughing). “oh, if only i can scold her!”

you see, my father is very traditional and conservative. but at the same time, he wanted us to experience a life he and mother never had. it must have drove him nuts to realize that the years of inspiring me to become very independent and self-sufficient has also resulted to this. he surely didn’t see it coming and it is just so fucking fun to learn how he worries about stuff like this all the time.

father doesn’t like it that i wore my heart on my sleeves and my thoughts on my mouth. the idea of single motherhood scares him to death. “i have strong moral issues with it.” he said so forcefully over dinner a few months ago, as if it was more than a hypothetical idea. i was tempted to tell him that in that case, i shall just continue banging zsolt on pills. but then, you cannot really tell your dad how your sex life is doing. the world is not ready for that kind of relationship yet.

and so for the third time in 27 years, i am spending christmas away from my family. father isn’t so thrilled about that. but he hasn’t been home for christmas in the last five years so we are sort of even. but i know father, he can always argue his case. i have the luxury to choose; he doesn’t.

“i would like to visit Negros when i come back to PI.” zsolt told me a few weeks back. “i’d like to see your hometown.”

i am not sure my hometown is ready for zsolt. or father is, knowing there is a possibility he will be on a holiday from work about the same time. now, that could be really fun. father has no problem learning his freshman son is going to have a girlfriend (hell, he would give him date money oh so freely so he can take her out on a date- and seriously, this has happened to my other brother). but he would not allow rovimae (my sister who is a freshie at the university) to start dating. it is the same case with me. he worries that i am still single at 27 but scrutinizes every guy i have dated.

do not get me wrong. i love father heaps, with his eccentricities and too traditional views.

he just drives me crazy sometimes.


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