i, my laptop’s slave

oh God, how many days can a person survive without a laptop?

its been 9 or 10 (i cannot seem to remember exactly) days since i temporarily gave up my laptop to the local HP Service Center. the battery was not working for months which didn’t bother me because i can always go on AC power. but when i plugged the power cord to a defective socket at the boarding area of KL’s international airport, i sort of damaged the power adaptor.

two months left before the warranty expires, i gathered all my strength and gave it up a week ago.

don’t you just hate it when they say they will give you an update within 3-5 working days and then they don’t? not even making deo the contact (him being an IT Manager at HP) for my service request helped me speed it up.

“this is really driving you crazy, uh?” he asked after giving me the service request details so i can call the service center for an update.

is this driving me crazy? i complained to zsolt last night that this is killing me. i am quite shocked to realize that i have suddenly become a slave of my own gadget. it wasn’t the net, you see, because i still have jesse’s pc at home. and it couldn’t really be the net because i can surf all i want at work.

“i feel like amputated.” i groaned and zsolt chuckled. “like i am not whole.”

he chuckled some more.

what is there to do but wait? looking at it with the glass half full, at least i know i am getting it back.


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