in the horizons…
where birds fly freely
wonderful things are
too wonderful to ignore

i love you.
and sometimes, you love me too
when things smile smoothly, and life is, as beautiful as the dawn setting in…
where would we begin?
he’s forever haunted me. in the depth of my solitude.

and you are there. sitting. in the tree that wraps its roots around you.

i hurt. he understands. he loves me.

and sometimes, when rocks are visibly seen from afar,
i love him too.
if only, if only your inaccessibility could scar you not
i could gladly seek his embrace.


for i love him. short, if not certain. But love, nevertheless.
but you, you were always there
with your arms wide open but with your heart tightly closed.

yet, you ignited in me.
a fire
that consumes
and burns.

quietly. and i was lost.

(November1999; reposted from here)


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