declare my pills? for f**k’s sake, why???

i got too excited about my Sydney trip (oh, guess what? Zsolt and i are doing a two-day trip to Melbourne!) that after the visa getting approved and the ticket being confirmed, i haven’t done any planning at all.

nope. nope. nope. i told myself i shall start packing this weekend as i will obviously won’t have a time to do so next week. i did pack for my KL flight the evening before my KL flight and it turned out okay. the only difference is that, this Sydney trip is thrice as long as my KL trip so if i turned out to be not bringing enough underwear, i might end up prancing around zee’s flat naked.

which wouldn’t be so bad if not for his 26-year old pretty Chilean flatmate who might find it quite strange.

and i wanted to bring B (zsolt’s bestfriend) some packs of dried mangoes which he was raving about after he had a taste of it. i was also wondering if i can bring some of my favourite movies in DVDs (pirated, of course) so i can watch it in zee’s room, projector and all.

of course, after reading Australia Custom’s official website, i decided against bringing any pirated DVDs (how the hell did i get past PI customs when i was bringing a box full of pirated DVDs from Vietnam the last time i went there?). dried mangoes are okay; almost every filipino going out of the country brings a pack or two of it with them.

Declare all the medicines you are bringing into Australia.

what? including my pills? i tried searching from the list of prohibited/controlled substances and couldn’t find the exact scientific name of it but found a lot of those that sounds like it (who the fuck came up with such a difficult alpha characters by the way?) and although it would be quite nice to scare zsolt that im going to OZ and leaving my pills back home, the idea of me walking with a large ball-like belly for nine fucking months and screaming and cursing at the end of it is a much scarier thought for me, actually.

do not get me wrong; i like kids. i just do not like having them right now. i couldn’t even take care of buckey, my stuffed dog, as much as buckey likes me to take care of him (he now looks like a 3-year old doggy that has been playing with dirt nonstop for the last six months- that is how dirty he is). which reminds me that i ought to bribe jesse to wash him before i leave for oz. oh, maybe i ought to bring him to OZ!

anyway, back to what i was talking about before i start talking about babies and dogs, i wanted to be sure i could get the pills past customs (for zsolt’s and my sanity) so i emailed Australia’s Department of Health and Ageing Therapeutic Goods Administration and spelled out the scientific name of Althea.

wow, you gotta give it to the Aussies. less than two hours later, Frank replied. either they have alarmingly high Service Level Agreements or nobody ever emailed them at all, but that was really fast. now this bloke Frank told me that even though it is an over the counter medicine in PI, it is a “prescription only” med in Australia and therefore, i would be needing a Doctor’s prescription so i can get it past Customs.


i am not very fond of my obegynecologist; he is this soft-spoken, plump guy who kept on warning me that i better get pregnant soon, otherwise, the chances of me getting pregnant when i get older would be so minimal. mother told me to switch doctors and pick a woman for a change. i just stopped seeing one after that.

and so, a few hours ago, i was wondering if i have to go see another doctor for the prescription, which i think is very silly. it is an over-the-counter medicine for fuck’s sake. nobody even care to ask for an ID when you buy one. how did it become a “prescription only” med in OZ?

the good thing was that the company doctor was around and i managed to get her to write me a prescription.

that ends well, i think. an acquaintance of mine commented when i told her (in passing) about this though, “you make all these sound so normal. like it is not a big thing.”

i don’t pick fights early in the morning so i let that pass.

thinking about it now, though: what did i make sound so normal? taking oral contraceptive pills? or being so damn vocal about it?

i guess for most people, they would still want to keep most things to themselves. oh well, hats off to them. i guess i wouldn’t make it past the CIA drill; i’d be the first person to squeal.


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